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About Us

The Family Office at Synovus is dedicated to helping ultra-high net worth families across the country identify and achieve their unique goals, now and into the future. 

Whether client wealth is new for the family or the result of multi-generational planning, The Family Office at Synovus provides a tightly knit team of knowledgeable, experienced, and thoughtful professionals who tailor wealth growth and preservation strategies to each family’s unique financial and interpersonal needs.


How a family makes decisions is almost as important as the decisions it makes 


The Family Office at Synovus team members recognize that no two families are alike. Each has unique financial goals and family relationships that shape its decisions. For more than 70 years, we have partnered with ultra-high net worth families to guide and deliver comprehensive service and customized strategies based on each family’s guiding principles.

The Family Office at Synovus, a division of Synovus Trust Company, N.A, offers a full spectrum of services to ultra-high net worth families. These services include investments, wealth strategies, estate planning, family dynamics, governance, wealth education, and leadership development for multi-generational families. Our goal is to help families thrive together.

We have 47 team members in four offices (Columbus and Atlanta, Georgia; Montgomery, Alabama; and Nashville, Tennessee), and serve over 90 families with assets under administration exceeding $10.8 billion (data as of March 31, 2024). The Family Office at Synovus specializes in providing highly personal, customized solutions based on the vision and goals of the individual family.