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What We Do

The Family Office at Synovus focuses on more than just wealth management for our client families – we listen very carefully to our clients to ensure we understand what is most important to them. Whether it's growing or preserving wealth, transitioning their values, or establishing a lasting legacy, we deliver customized solutions for our clients.

When it comes to serving a large, multi-generational family, there are no standard answers. Guiding a family through life’s inevitable transitions, navigating complex family dynamics, providing sophisticated investment advice, and financial continuity – all require special expertise and extensive experience on the part of the family office advisor and financial institution alike. We offer the finest of both.

Addressing family dynamics and values above and beyond the financial factors is critical to a family’s long-term success. This is a belief we trace back to our company’s founding family. In fact, we began as a private family office for that family, a relationship that still extends today over six generations. 


Dedicated to understanding your complex needs and providing access to an array of experts


We serve our clients through an integrated team approach. Each family has a primary relationship manager, who is the family's primary contact, a dedicated family office specialist, who handles administrative needs and money movement, a highly skilled wealth strategist (tax attorney), and an experienced portfolio manager. 

Preserving generational wealth doesn’t just happen; it requires intentional planning, continuous work, and consistent communication throughout the entire family enterprise. We have teams of highly skilled experts – attorneys, accountants, financial planners, investments, and business professionals – dedicated to delivering investment management services, integrated wealth strategies, and family enterprise support and education to our clients.