Our Wealth Strategies discipline is built upon our uniquely personal culture, which helps shape the way we approach wealth strategies for ultra-high net worth individuals and their families. Whether estate planning, business planning, taxation issues, or other important specific skills, we bring a high level of financial and analytical rigor to the process. We carefully model the ‘what if’s’ – both economic and family-centered consequences – and recommend options. Our experienced team of attorneys, tax specialists, trust experts, and certified financial planners works closely with the Synovus Family Office relationship manager to develop a fully integrated strategy to help our clients identify wealth transfer planning opportunities, with a keen eye for tax efficiencies.


An approach that looks at the whole family


We recognize opportunities and offer a broad perspective across our base of clients, adding value and applying our depth of knowledge and years of learning toward the needs of both current and subsequent generations. Central to our planning approach is how it may impact each generation of the family. Balancing between the income needs of the generation transferring the wealth and the implications of shifting wealth to the family’s next generation, we craft comprehensive plans designed to seamlessly shift wealth from one generation to the next. 

We work alongside your legal and tax advisors to manage family owned, family controlled investable assets, and to monitor tax filing requirements for the best tax results possible. Just as importantly, we plan in a way that doesn’t impair the current generation’s income, while incentivizing the younger generation to grow and achieve in concert with the overall goals of the family.


Asking the right questions, based on unique needs


Whether recommending smart philanthropic strategies or sound investment options, we carefully consider all the questions, and provide answers. What level of diversification is best? What about charitable giving? What combination of assets should be gifted? There is no one answer that’s right for all of our client families because each family has different goals, different priorities, and needs – individually and collectively. Our planning advice is informed by what we learn from working with all of our client families and then tailored to each family’s particular needs, goals, and circumstances.


Important Disclosure Information

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